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Drosophila Wing Disc Dissection Protocol

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Many clusters within the pouch, in particular, are composed of cells from both compartments.

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Moreover, quantification of EGFP expression from an inducible transgene revealed rapid adverse effects of disc culture on basic cellular functions beyond cell cycle progression.

However, the readouts of these experiments are difficult to quantify and do not provide an easy comparison of the relative level of expression of different genes. No headings were found on this page.

Comparisons between imaginal disc probes revealed a high degree of similarity, but comparisons between imaginal disc and larval organ probes identified many differentially expressed genes.

Wildtype posture, with wing blades folded along their dorsum. This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work! Additional things for mounting discs: clean microscope slides, large cover slips, cotton swabs, slide warmer. Pick off dust specks with yellow tipped vacuum line.

Cartoon of possible interaction between Pyr, Ths, and Htl. Growth and differentiation in the Drosophila eye coordinated by hedgehog. This suggests that OJs play a more important role in epithelial morphogenesis than previously anticipated. They are then left to lie still during fixation. Dpp target gene regulation. Enter your email address below.

Each sample was injected, and the concentration was calculated based on the standard curve obtained from serial dilution of standard solution for each metabolite. Developmental compart mentalization of the wing disk of Drosophila. Comparison of the adult wing sizes.

Minor effects on hemolymph metabolites also implied that these metabolites do not directly affect disc repair.


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The drosophila wing

Protocol dissection & Wing epithelium